Origins Design specialises in sofas and we encourage you to design your own sofa with us. All our sofa frames are made using beech, a hard wood that is free of knots, bark or defects. The show wood of the legs, arms and back can be oak, walnut, maple, or mahogany and sprayed to any finish. We use the best quality springs and cushioning to offer the ultimate in comfort. Our eye for stylish sofa design whilst not compromising on comfort is elemental to our quality process.

Athens 2 Seater Armless

Athens Armless Unit

Athens Chaise Lounge (Large)

Athens Chaise Lounge (Small)

Athens Corner Unit

Athens Ottoman

Belgravia Modular Sofa

Berlin Sofa

Bordeaux 2 Seater

Bordeaux 2.5 Seater

Bordeaux 3 Seater

Cannes 2 Seater

Cannes 2.5 Seater

Cannes 3 Seater

Cannes Love Seat

Cannes Sofa

Capri 2 Seater

Capri 2.5 Seater

Capri 3 Seater

Capri 4 Seater

Capri Armchair

Capri L Shape

Capri Love Seat

Capri Sofa

Chicago 2 Seater

Chicago 2.5 Seater

Chicago 3 Seater

Chicago 4 Seater

Chicago Love seat

Chicago Sofa

Copenhagen Sofa

Florence 2 Seater

Florence 2.5 Seater

Florence 3 Seater

Florence 4 Seater

Florence Arm Chair

Florence L Shape

Florence Love Seat

Hampton 2 Seater

Hampton 3 Seater

Hampton 4 Seater

Hampton Arm Chair

Hampton L Shape

Hampton Love Seat

Ibiza 2 Seater

Ibiza 2.5 Seater

Ibiza 3 Seater

Ibiza Sofa

Knightsbridge 2.5 Seater

Knightsbridge 3 Seater

Knightsbridge L shape

Knightsbridge Modular Sofa

Komo Sofa Bed

Lisbon 2 Seater

Lisbon 2.5 Seater

Lisbon 3 Seater

Lisbon 4 Seater

Lisbon Arm Chair

Lisbon Love Seat

Madrid 2 Seater

Madrid 2.5 Seater

Madrid 3 Seater

Madrid 4 Seater

Madrid Armchair

Madrid Love Seat

Madrid Sofa

Marbella 2 Seater

Marbella 2.5 Seater

Marbella 3 Seater

Marbella 4 Seater

Marbella Arm Chair

Marbella Love Seat

Marseille 2 Seater

Marseille 2.5 Seater

Marseille 3 Seater

Marseille 4 Seater

Marseille Armchair

Marseille L Shape (Sml)

Marseille Sofa

Marylebone 2 Seater

Marylebone 2.5 Seater

Marylebone 3 Seater

Marylebone 4 Seater

Marylebone Armchair

Marylebone L Shape

Marylebone Love Seat

Marylebone Modular Sofa

Milano Sofa

Monaco L Shape (Large)

Monaco L Shape (Sml)

Monaco Sofa

Monte Carlo Corner Unit (small)

Monte Carlo Ottoman

Munich Custom Sofa

Mykonos 2 Seater Armless

Mykonos Armless Unit

Mykonos Corner Unit

Mykonos Ottoman

Naples 2 Seater

Naples 2.5 Seater

Naples 3 Seater

Naples 4 Seater

Naples Armchair

Naples Love Seat

Naples Sofa

Oslo 2 Seater

Oslo 2.5 Seater

Oslo 3 Seater

Oslo Armchair

Oslo Love Seat

Oslo Sofa

Palma 2 Seater

Palma Arm Chair

Palma Love Seat

Paris 2 Seater

Paris 2.5 Seater

Paris 3 Seater

Paris 4 Seater

Paris Armchair

Paris L Shape

Paris Love Seat

Paris Sofa

Rhodes 2 Seater Armless

Rhodes Armless Unit

Rhodes Corner Unit

Rhodes ottoman

Rome Sofa

Sophia 2 Seater

Sophia 2.5 Seater

Sophia 3 Seater

Sophia 4 Seater

Sophia Armchair

Sophia Love Seat

Sophia Sofa

Vienna 2 Seater

Vienna 2.5 Seater

Vienna 3 Seater

Vienna 4 Seater

Vienna Armchair

Vienna L Shape

Vienna Love Seat

Vienna Sofa